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You have found the oldest, most trusted text on Depersonalization Recovery available. First published nearly ten years ago, the DP Manual has helped thousands of sufferers to recover from the pain of DP.

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The Condition

Depersonalization is extremely common! In fact, it is the third most commonly experienced psychiatric symptom... So always remember, you are not alone!

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This revolutionary book has helped THOUSANDS of people to recover. Here's just a tiny sample of their email comments!

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Do you feel trapped inside your own head, scared and anxious all the time?

Do you feel like there’s a pane of glass between you and the rest of the world?

Are you constantly asking yourself questions about reality and your own existence?

These are some of the symptoms of depersonalization.

Maybe you’ve spent hours, and even days, searching the Internet for a cure? Looking through many websites, forums and books for snippets of conflicting information on how to deal with this horrible disorder?

Maybe you’ve had to deal with doctors who know little or nothing about the treatment of this condition, who may not have even heard of it?

depersonalization recovery

The DP Manual is the answer.

It's a complete package, tried and trusted by thousands of people, that tells you everything you'll ever need to know about DP -- including EXACTLY what depersonalization is and EXACTLY how to RECOVER from it.

I personally suffered through two long years of chronic DP who before finding FULL RECOVERY from the condition.  And in the ten years since I have personally helped thousands of DP sufferers.


The DP Manual is the result of my own recovery and years of work, and has become a phenomenon since it was first published.

I wrote it initially as a guide to understand and recover from DP, the guide that I wish I’d had when I first developed depersonalization as it would have saved me months, maybe even years of pain.

Since its first edition as a small ebook in 2007, the DP Manual has expanded and gone on to become a full recovery package — and is now the oldest, most trusted guide to recovery from depersonalization currently available.

It has already sold over EIGHT THOUSAND copies, and as of this year, now comes in a brand new, updated & expanded edition with FREE bonus materials including FAQs and audio relaxation program — and a FULL unabridged audio version of the DP Manual, as read by the author.


“I’ve recovered FULLY from weed-induced Depersonalization."

‘Through what Shaun has written I’ve recovered fully  from weed-induced Depersonalization in 6 weeks.  Your brain is not damaged in anyway and WILL return to its normal state soon! I came out healthier and better from all of it."

Joe Arrellano, Denver, Colorado, USA
(Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

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“I suffered from Depersonalization for 28 years — You saved my life.”

"You have saved my life. I am 40 and have suffered from Depersonalization  since I was 12. That's 28 years -- it's been a long time. No doctor could help and I was even given medications against Schizophrenia etc.  Until I found your book. I've listened to the relaxation program at least 100 times. I feel so much better!"

Hanna Schuster, Minnesota, USA
(Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

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Why spend any more time on forums and websites that give vague information, scare stories and references to what DP might be? Believe me, that will not only delay your recovery, it will actually intensify the condition.

I have been through this condition myself, I have done the research, and I have personally helped literally THOUSANDS of people from around the world to recover from DP.

I will tell exactly what you need to know.

Depersonalization Recovery


My name is Shaun. I'm a multi award-winning filmmaker. And I suffered from Chronic Depersonalization disorder (DP) for almost two years from 2005 to 2007. Believe me, I know the tremendous pain and anguish that the condition can cause, I've been there.

Once I'd figured out what DP was, I was dismayed to find that I could not find any specific text on how to deal with it, nothing to guide me as to what activities, mental exercises etc would help with it. There seemed to be so much conflicting, scary information out there!

Like so many others, I was forced to figure out the nature of DP through a long, slow, painful process of trial and error. But I was still determined to get out of it.

And I recovered completely, beating depersonalization 100% and getting my life and career back on track. And in the years since, I have helped literally thousands of others to recover aswell. You can too with my comprehensive DP recovery package, The DP Manual.

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