Is There A Depersonalization Cure?

Does It Exist?

If you look at the most common Google searches related to Depersonalization,

the term ‘depersonalization cure’ pops up consistently. I am asked that question very frequently in my email correspondence with depersonalization sufferers: Is there a cure for depersonalization?
So, in this article I’m going to tell you the answer, once and for all.

The answer is YES. But we first need to clarify a slight problem with the question.

Curable Medical Problems

When you ask, ‘Is there a depersonalization cure?’, you need to think about what that question implies. What do we need cures for, and what does the term 'A Cure for Depersonalization' mean?

A Cure for Depersonalization

For example, if you had a cold or a slight headache, you can ‘cure’ them. The cold can be cured out with a decongestant or antihistamine. The headache can be cured with aspirin. If you have something more serious, like say, appendicitis or laryngitis, there are specific methods that can be applied that will guaranteed to fix the problem.

The point is that there are specific medicines that you can take that will almost invariably CURE you of the ailment that’s bothering you. That’s the miracle of modern medicine: You have an issue, you ask a doctor or pharmacist, you are prescribed a cure, you get better. It’s a process that we pretty much take for granted.

However, it’s not a process that can be applied to all medical problems.

Is Everything Curable?

For example, is there a cure for smoking? Is there a cure for being overweight?

No, of course not. Why? Because the term ‘cure’ doesn’t apply to these things.

These are problems based on behaviours rather than being standalone afflictions. They can be helped with therapies and treatment, but there is, by definition, no cure as such and it can be frustrating, even damaging, to think of them in that way.

For example, if you get a song stuck in your head for a day or two and you can’t seem to get rid of it, what do you do? You don’t do anything. You allow the annoying thought to run its course. You listen to other songs.

What you don’t do is seek out a cure for it. You don’t go to a doctor looking for medication. You don’t spend hours and days on the internet researching the ins and outs of that song, other peoples’ experiences with the songs. You don’t start blogging about it. You don’t go and start discussing and digging out the roots of that song and how and why it got into your head in the first place.

Depersonalization Cure

Why? Because you know that having a song stuck in your head is not a sickness. It’s a habit, a behaviour. It will run its course naturally. Focusing on it will only prolong it!

And yet, that’s exactly what most people, myself included, do when they are first confronted with the thoughts of anxiety / depersonalization. It’s a perfectly understandable response since there’s so little good information readily available about it.

"Is there a cure for depersonalization" is the wrong question

So asking ‘Is there a cure for Depersonalization?’ is like asking ‘Is there a cure for smoking?’ or ‘Is there a cure for for having a song stuck in your head?’ -- It’s fundamentally a wrong question, like asking ‘My car’s not starting, should I get a new bicycle chain for it?’ -- It doesn’t make sense and pursuing it can be an unfortunate waste of time.

But if you ask: “Is there a way to stop depersonalization for good?” 
Then the answer is YES.

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