Depersonalization Recovery

Depersonalization Recovery

Is it REALLY Possible?

Possibly one of the most frightening things about having DP is the idea that once you have it, there's no way to fully get better. I am asked this all the time -- is depersonalization recovery an actual recovery... or just getting used to living with it?  

So let's put the question to rest -- Is total Depersonalization recovery possible?


Firstly, so much of the fear about DP being a permanent condition can be understood by making a very simple observation:
Depersonalization is based on and driven by ANXIETY.

That's what causing the fear, the anxious thoughts, all of it. 

Now, let's take another logical step --

A natural part of any anxiety-based condition is the intense fear that it’s incurable.

So when you think about DP, it’s not surprising in the least that one of the most basic fears you have about the condition is that depersonalization recovery is not possible.

Doesn't that make perfect sense? In fact, it would be surprising if you didn't have that fear!

Depersonalization Recovery

But, you might argue, "I have seen so many people on forums who have had DP for years, decades even. They haven't recovered and maybe they never will."

We'll get to that in a minute, but firstly, let me counter by saying that the recovery stories are also out there. They’re on websites, they’re in forums -- but not as often.

Why is that? They just don’t get a lot of press -- because why would they? Think about it -- If you figured out that discussing and researching your condition was a huge factor in prolonging it (as it is with DP and any anxiety-based condition), you’d avoid it like the plague. 

That’s why the forums are so chock-a-block with people who haven’t recovered:

It’s not because most people don’t recover, it’s because people who stay on the forums don’t recover!

Have you heard of  Occam’s Razor? -- It's a problem-solving principle and one of the fundamentals of logical thinking:

"All things being equal, the simplest explanation is the most likely."

So, let's think about depersonalization using this.

What’s more likely --


That you have flipped into some sort of alternate reality from which there is no recovery?

That the hundreds of thousands of people who say they have recovered from it are lying, both to you and to themselves?

That I’m lying? That all of the research that tells us that Depersonalization is an anxiety-spectrum condition and nothing more -- is also wrong?



That as all the anecdotal and medical evidence suggests, DP is a temporary anxiety-based condition and can be recovered from completely?

The answer is, of course, B. The only reason that you would even consider anything else is because of anxious thinking itself. Doesn't that make perfect sense?





So yes, total depersonalization recovery is absolutely possible.

And no I’m not talking about finding a place where you learn to live with it but it’s always there in the background -- I mean, total, 100% recovery. No strings, no provisos.

For two years, my life was ruined by anxiety and depersonalization. It was bad.

See that picture of me? That was about two weeks into my nightmare with DP. I was as pale as a ghost and had already started dropping a dangerous amount of weight. And though I'm forcing a weak smile, I was terrified. 

How bad was it? Well, that in the thousands of cases I’ve encountered over the years, I still rate my own experience as having been particularly intense. I don’t know if it was factors in my personality, my tendency towards introspection etc, but I had a truly horrible, crippling experience with DP.

At one point, when I was frequenting forums and searching frantically for a cure, I firmly -- FIRMLY -- believed that I was never, ever getting better. That awful, black despair stayed with me for months.

And though it cost me a long journey of two years, filled with trial and error, joy and crushing disappointments, I eventually recovered. Completely.

I got my life back. I got my career going again. And now I’m better than ever. I’m a multi award-winning film and TV director, I have attended film festivals all over the world and I love to travel!

Just by way of illustration, travelling was the major fear that even when I was making progress with DP, I genuinely thought I might never do again, the fear of panic attacks and DP was so strong.

But I made myself go on small trips, weekends away, holidays abroad -- and the fear abated and stopped completely.

Since my recovery I have travelled to Kenya, Burundi, the US many times, Lativa, Spain, SE Asia and my next trip is planned for India.

Why do I mention this? Because you need to understand that even that darkest fear, the thing with which you associate the DP the most, that can be beaten. 


This next picture was taken long after I had fully recovered, at a film festival in Washington DC.  I even won an award at it!

I was back to the prime of my health and feeling fantastic. And that's what I've had since. It was a far cry from the crushing belief that my life, my career, even my ability to travel were all gone. 

Of course, they weren't gone. They weren't gone because depersonalization recovery is 100% possible. 

In fact, it's not only possible -- it's common.

I recovered. 

Thousands of people recover every day.

And you can recover too.

And that means total recovery:

From the smallest annoying thought to the big, horrible existential fears -- they can all be stopped and you will have your life back. 




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