Extreme Depersonalization

Lately I’ve been coming across more and more stories about people worried that they have ‘Extreme Depersonalization’.

What is Extreme Depersonalization?

It’s the idea that there is some variant of DP that only a few people get, that is worse than most (and possibly all) other cases, and is either extremely difficult or totally impossible to treat.

This rare form of Depersonalization only strikes down those who are very unlucky, or who may have taken so much weed, ketamine etc that they have suddenly flicked a switch in their brain from ‘normal’ to ‘extreme depersonalization’ mode. If they had ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ depersonalization, they’d be able to handle it. But unfortunately with the ‘extreme’ variant, it’s impossible to cope with it or cure it.

Extreme Depersonalization

Does that sound familiar? I bet it does. And here’s the reason why:

Literally every person -- every single person -- who has ever developed
depersonalization disorder has had that exact same fear.

Depersonalization is an anxiety-based disorder. It runs on fear, over-analysis and negative thought habits. Of course you’re going to assume that you have the worst case ever, or that you are somehow the one person that’s incurable. I regularly had that thought during my time with depersonalization and it was very frightening.

But think about it like this:

With an anxiety-based condition where you’re constantly assuming worst-case scenarios, it would be strange if you didn’t have that thought, right??


Extreme Depersonalization

Depersonalization is NOT an organic disease.

It doesn’t have sizes or stages, or diagnoses of being moderate or extreme. It’s just a habit of thought, a defence mechanism of the brain. You’re either having those thoughts or you’re not. You might have a particularly bad day / week with it but that certainly doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly developed some ‘extreme’ variation of it.

But what about the phrase 'Extreme Depersonalization' itself?

Surely that’s a medical term? No, it absolutely is not. In fact, the phrase seems to have developed from panicked posts on various Depersonalization forums, which you should not be reading anyway.

And also -- it doesn’t matter one bit if you got DP from weed / MDMA / ketamine or any other drug.

You haven’t ‘damaged’ your brain or caused any permanent change. The cause of the depersonalization is irrelevant, the condition is always the same. Yes it’s a frightening condition but you can recover from it completely. 

But there is NO SUCH THING as ‘Extreme Depersonalization’.

It simply doesn’t exist and you don’t need to worry about having it or ever developing it.
So don’t worry!


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