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Shaun O Connor

I suffered with DP for almost two years. In that time I kept a detailed diary of what was making me feel better / worse. It was through that that I began to understand what I could do that would yield tangible, positive results. That guide was the basis for my TOTAL recovery. 

I HAD to recover, and I DID recover. How? I gave the Depersonalization NO option, other than to be completely overwritten. And that's EXACTLY what you will learn to do within minutes of downloading my book! Read more of my personal story...

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The Depersonalization Manual Package - What You Get

Download the package and start eliminating your depersonalization right now

Depersonalization Manual

The Depersonalization Manual

The brand new, expanded 178-page edition of the ebook that has already proved successful to thousands of ex-Depersonalization sufferers.

Over ten years worth of personal experience in, research of, and total recovery from depersonalization that will change the way you think about the condition and prove invaluable to your recovery.

DP Manual Audio Book

The DP Manual Audio Book

The full, unabridged Mp3 audio version of the Depersonalization Manual Package.

A total of 75 files, that's over four and a half hours of audio, so you can have the author personally guide you through the information, any time you like. Use this on the bus, in your car, walking the dog, wherever!

Depersonalization FAQ

The Depersonalization FAQ

Over the years since the Depersonalization Manual was first published, I've received hundreds of emails from people asking me to to guide them through specific parts of their recovery. I have collated the 24 most common questions (and my answers!) into one powerful 42-page, easy-to-read document (audio version also included).

10 Golden Rules For Recovery

The 10 Golden Rules for Recovery

In this document you will find the absolute rules that you must follow in order to recover from Depersonalization.

These are 100% unbreakable, non-negotiable and you must follow them in order to recover.

Depersonalization Recovery Tracker

The Recovery Progress Tracker

To get off to the best start with your recovery, it is vital that you monitor your progress.

The Recovery Progress tracker will help you to stay focused and give you the necessary motivation and self-reinforcement you will need to get completely out of the thought habits of DP.

DP Manual Audio Relaxation Program

The DP Relaxation Audio Program

This 13-minute audio program is a simple but extremely powerful relaxation exercise that calms your body and and mind and is filled with positive messages designed specifically to stop the negative thought-habits of depersonalization and anxiety.

That’s a massive total of over 230 pages and 4 & 1/2 hours of audio.
The DP Manual Package is contains EVERYTHING you need to know for your TOTAL recovery from Depersonalization.
Bypass all the unnecessary fear anxiety, forums, scare stories and get just the information you NEED.

Start your recovery from depersonalization today and get the entire package for only $39.99

Over 8,000 copies sold worldwide. Order safely and securely with PayPal.


Learn Invaluable Information Like:

  • The ONE big change in how you think about Depersonalization that will be the key your recovery
  • Why you should NEVER go to another Depersonalization forum again
  • Why long-term DP is just as easy to recover from as short-term Depersonalization!
  • Why when you recover, you'll wonder what you were EVER worried about!
  • Why 'fighting' with thoughts of Depersonalization is pointless
  • Why you WON'T just 'fall back' into the Depersonalization thought process after you recover
  • Why you CAN get better, regardless of the cause (drugs / trauma etc)

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I don't know where I would be without you. I would have believed that dp/dr was a permanent condition that I would have to live with for the rest of my life..... I would have SUFFERED for the rest of my life! You saved my life, THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Paul Renner, Florida, USA

“So many of these self help products are usually about $100 or more, so thank you for keeping the price so very reasonable! I am not SUFFERING on a daily basis anymore and I have YOU to thank for that... You have helped me more in 2 weeks than my therapist helped me in 1 year!!"”

Melanie Stevens, San Jose, California, USA

"I bought your book and found my way to almost complete relief in a matter of days! By understanding the illness
through your very detailed and well-written book, I was able to break the obsessive thought process that is DP"

Adam Horowitz, Washington DC, USA

Bypass all the unnecessary fear, anxiety, forums, scare stories and get just the information you need to begin your recovery today

Start your recovery from depersonalization today and get the entire package for only $39.99

Over 8,000 copies sold worldwide. Order safely and securely with PayPal.

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