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First published as a small ebook back in 2007, I initially wrote the DP Manual as a my own personal guide on how to deal with the day-to-day symptoms of depersonalization.

I suffered with chronic depersonalization for two years, and I tried everything to get better: medication, therapy, holistic therapy, you name it! And nothing worked.

In fact, one of the most frustrating aspects of the condition, was the total lack of definitive information about it. In order to find any practical advice I found myself trawling through forums and websites that were full of frightening stories -- exactly what you don't need when you're trying to recover.

As somebody who had always enjoyed writing and been published in various newspapers and online journals, I  was determined that when I recovered I would write as effectively as I could about depersonalization. 

While I had the condition I had taken HUGE amounts of notes and personal journals to help me reference my recovery progress. This proved absolutely invaluable to my getting better and once I had recovered completely, I went back to those texts and began compiling and writing what would become the first edition of the Depersonalization Manual. 

The book contains EVERYTHING you need to know about how to recover from Depersonalization.

It pulls no punches -- It breaks the condition down to its logical parts and explains why you have it and how you can recover. It tells you what you MUST do and what you must NOT do in order to get better. 

Some parts of it, you may not like. I have no time for wallowing in victimhood, and neither should you. But the thing is, you don't have to like it. You don't even have to believe what I'm saying. ALL you have to do is follow the rules and see for yourself. IT WORKS because IT HAS TO WORK.

When I first made it available online, the reaction was phenomenal -- People from all over the world were contacting me to say that it had helped them recover, that they were so thrilled to have a book to guide them out of DP.  People often had suggestions for the book and questions regarding issues that I hadn't addressed -- So I took those on board, adding sections in subsequent editions over the years. 

It has has expanded over the last ten years to include many new chapters and is now an expansive, comprehensive 178-page book.

The Depersonalization Manual



The 2016 edition of the DP Manual is a brand new, expanded 178-page edition of the ebook  -- AND now comes with a newly-recorded, unabridged MP3 audiobook version and all supplementary materials, read by the author that totals a massive 4 & 1/2 hours of audio.

The DP Manual is the oldest, most trusted text on depersonalization that has proven successful to thousands of ex-DP sufferers worldwide.

It contains over ten years worth of personal experience in, research of, and total recovery from depersonalization that will immediately change the way you think about the condition and prove invaluable to your recovery.

It goes through EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT ISSUE that anyone suffering from Depersonalization needs to know and lists the factors, both environmental and psychological, that can ease and aggravate the condition.

And most importantly,  it explains how you will use these to establish the positive thought-habits that overwrite DP thoughts completely.

DP Manual Audiobook


Depersonalization Recovery

Order now and you will ALSO receive




Over the years since the Depersonalization Manual was first published, I've received hundreds
of emails from people asking me to to guide them through specific parts of their recovery. 
I have collated the 24 most common questions (and my answers!) into one powerful
42-page, easy-to-read document.
audio version also included



Depersonalization Recovery

In this document you will find the absolute rules that you must follow in order to
recover from Depersonalization. These are 100% unbreakable, non-negotiable
and you must follow them in order to recover.



Depersonalization Recovery Progress Tracker

To get off to the best start with your recovery, it is vital that you
monitor your progress. The Recovery Progress tracker will help you to stay focused and give
you the necessary motivation and self-reinforcement you will need to get completely
out of the thought habits of DP.



This 13-minute audio program is a simple but powerful relaxation exercise that
calms your body and and mind and is filled with positive messages designed to stop the
negative thought-habits of depersonalization and anxiety.




That’s a massive total of over 230 pages and 4 & 1/2 hours of audio

The DP Manual Package is contains EVERYTHING you need to know for your TOTAL recovery from Depersonalization.

Bypass all the unnecessary fear anxiety, forums, scare stories and get just the information you need to start your recovery TODAY.