Depersonalization recovery

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The brand new, expanded 162-page edition of the ebook that has already proved
successful to THOUSANDS of ex-DP sufferers.

Over EIGHT YEARS' worth of personal experience in, research of and
TOTAL RECOVERY from DP that will change the way you think about
the condition and prove invaluable to your recovery.

You will also receive the full, unabridged Mp3 audio version of the book
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You will also learn invaluable tips like:

- The ONE big change in how you think about DP that will be the key your recovery

- Why you should NEVER go to another DP forum again

- Why long-term DP is just as easy to recover from as short-term DP!

- Why when you recover, you'll wonder what you were EVER worried about!

- Why 'fighting' with thoughts of DP is pointless

- Why you WON'T just 'fall back' into the DP thought process after you recover

- Why you CAN get better, regardless of the cause (drugs / trauma etc)


in addition, you will also Receive the bonus dp Pep-talk, Absolutely free!


The DP Pep-Talk is the incredible new addition to the DP Manual package.

This powerful 13-page PDF booklet not only recaps all of the major points of the book,
but also provides a invaluable motivational tool for anyone determined to recover from DP.

It quickly and systematically goes through all of the reasons behind the habits and thoughts of depersonalization,
breaks them down and shows how total recovery is right in your hands!

In addition, you will ALSO receive the complete audio version of THE DP PEP TALK.


This 20-minute Mp3 file should be listened to first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

It will help to completely change your attitude towards DP,
and disable the underlying anxiety that causes DP to persist.


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depersonalization faq

Over the years since the DP Manual was first published, I've received hundreds of emails from people
asking me to to guide them through specific parts of their recovery.
I have collated the 24 most common questions (and my answers!) into one powerful 42-page,
easy-to-read document.

In addition, you will ALSO receive the complete audio version of THE DP FAQ!


That's another entire hour of essential audio material, that you can bring with you, anywhere, anytime!


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depersonlization manual

The DP Manual



The DP Pep-Talk









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