Depersonalization Coaching

Due to popular demand I now offer One-on-One personal Zoom coaching on Depersonalization and Derealization recovery!

depersonalization coaching

With my almost 20 years of experience in working on DP/DR recovery with 1000's of people, I will provide you with an invaluable insight into your recovery process.

I offer 90 minute Zoom coaching sessions in which I will speak to you extensively about your DP/DR experiences and provide specific information and personal advice on your situation.

depersonalization coaching

I will also personally answer EVERY question you might have about the condition and its symptoms.

We'll also discuss how you're doing with your recovery so far, any issues you've been experiencing, and most importantly -- how to speed up your recovery!

depersonalization coaching

You also have the option of recording + downloading your personal coaching session for future reference!
(no additional software required)

depersonalization coaching

Since starting this service in 2020 I have conducted over 500 coaching sessions. I always enjoy helping people, answering their questions, and guiding them towards their recovery from DP/DR!

depersonalization coaching

"How many sessions will I need?"
Typically one is enough, but if we need to book in a follow-up session that's no problem!

Please note that this service is strictly limited to one call per day, Monday to Friday only, so advance booking is recommended.

Also, I STRONGLY recommend that before booking you have purchased, downloaded and read through / watched all of the material in The DP Manual.

This will save us time on the call and allow us to get straight to YOUR personal story and questions!

depersonalization coaching

DP Manual Recovery Coaching Session
(90 Minutes)

€250 / $270

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Important: Please note that I am not a medical professional, and any medical information I give you in our coaching session is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a professional.