Shaun O Connor

My name is Shaun and I suffered with chronic Depersonalization / Derealization Disorder for 2 years.

It was a living nightmare. But once I finally understood what DP /DR was and why I had it, I knew I could stop it. It made perfect sense! I HAD to recover, and I DID recover.

And in the more than 15 years since then my technique has helped TENS OF THOUSANDS of people around the world to recover -- The same technique that you'll be using within minutes of downloading The Depersonalization Manual.

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Understanding Depersonalization

1. Understanding Depersonalization (23 mins)

DP/DR can be a strange and confusing condition, right? Don't worry, because in this video I will explain to you EXACTLY what Depersonalization and Derealization are, what causes them, and why you DON'T need to be afraid of them. I will also explain why drug-induced DP/DR nothing to worry about, and why the thoughts of DP/DR are essentially like a song stuck in your head!

Stopping The Symptoms of Depersonalization

2. Stopping The Symptoms
(20 mins)

The symptoms of DP/DR can feel quite scary. So let's get started on stopping them as soon as possible! In this video we'll deconstruct the anxious thought habits of DP/DR and why they cause such frightening symptoms -- and most importantly, how to switch them off! We'll also look at how you've been inadvertently giving DP/DR way too much mental 'real estate', and I'll show you my favorite techniques to stop the symptoms!

What To Expect During Recovery From Depersonalization

3. What To Expect During Recovery
(25 mins)

What does recovery from DP/DR FEEL like? In this video I'll go through everything you need to know and what to expect during your recovery -- including my top tips on the big mistakes to AVOID along the way, including NEGATIVE FILTERING. And I'll also explain why you don't need to worry about DP/DR coming back after recovery!

(PDF Format)

Depersonalization Manual

The Depersonalization Manual

The brand new, expanded 178-page edition of the ebook that has already proved successful to thousands of DP/DR sufferers. It contains over 15 YEARS worth of personal experience in, research of, and total recovery from Depersonalization and Derealization that will completely change the way you think about the condition and kickstart your recovery!

10 Golden Rules For Recovery

The 10 Golden Rules for Recovery

In this essential document you will find the golden, unbreakable rules that you will follow in order to recover from DP/DR. These are condensed down from my own recovery and the recoveries of thousands of others -- and when you follow them you'll soon see amazing results!

Depersonalization Recovery FAQ

The Depersonalization FAQ

Over the years since the Depersonalization Manual was first published, I've received thousands of emails from people asking me to to guide them through specific parts of their recovery from DP/DR. I have collected the 24 most common questions (and my answers!) into one powerful 42-page, easy-to-read document (audio version also included).

Depersonalization Manual Audiobook

(HQ MP3)

DP Manual Audio Book

The DP Manual Audio Book

The full, unabridged Mp3 audio version of the Depersonalization Manual Package. A total of 75 files, that's over 4 + 1/2 HOURS of audio, so you can have me personally guide you through your recovery, any time you like. Use this on the bus, in your car, walking the dog, wherever!

DP Manual Audio Relaxation Program

The DP Relaxation Audio Program

This 13-minute audio program is an extremely powerful relaxation exercise that calms your body and and mind. It's filled with positive messages designed specifically to stop the thoughts and feelings of DP/DR. If you sense the thoughts and feelings of DP coming on, put this on and allow yourself to relax.

Order now and you will also instantly receive The DP Manual Recovery Progress Tracker!

To get off to the best start with your recovery, it is vital that you monitor your progress! The Recovery Progress tracker will help you to stay focused and give you the necessary motivation and self-reinforcement you will need to get completely out of the thought habits of DP/DR as quickly as possible.

Depersonalization Recovery Tracker

Order now and you will ALSO instantly receive The DP Pep Talk!

This is an extremely powerful 20-minute motivational talk that will remind you of exactly what you need to know to recover from Depersonalization and Derealization. Not only will this help to alleviate your DP/DR symptoms, but it's a fantastic motivational boost to use at any time of the day.

You can listen whenever you like, but I personally recommend listening first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And a great tip is to put it on repeat on your music player as you drift off to sleep!

Depersonalization Pep Talk
Depersonalization Recovery Story


Start your recovery from DP / DR today and get the entire package for just $99!

Over 25,000 copies sold worldwide.
Order safely and securely with PayPal.

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Discover Invaluable Tips Like:

  • The ONE big change in how you think about DP/DR that's key to recovery
  • Why you should NEVER go to another Depersonalization forum again
  • Why long-term DP/DR is just as easy to recover from as short-term!
  • Why soon you'll wonder what you were EVER worried about!
  • Why 'fighting' with thoughts of DP/DR is pointless
  • Why you WON'T just 'fall back' into DP/DR after recovery
  • Why you can ALWAYS recover, regardless of cause (drugs / trauma etc)

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Start your recovery from DP / DR today and get the entire package for only $99!

Over 25,000 copies sold worldwide.
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