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I’m Not Sure My Symptoms Are DPDR

Take a look at the lists of symptoms here:
Do I Have Depersonalization Disorder?
Depersonalization: The Top 10 Symptoms

...and see if they sound familiar. And if you're in any doubt, please don't hesitate to consult a medical health professional. I would recommend finding an anxiety specialist if possible as they will likely be more familiar with DPDR.


I have more Derealization than Depersonalization. Will the DP Manual still work for me?

Yes! Depersonalization and Derealization are both symptoms of anxiety. Some people experience one more than the other, but the method for dealing with them is exactly the same.  The DP Manual is designed to address both Depersonalization and Derealization. You can read more about the difference in this article.

What Causes Depersonalization?

In almost all cases, Depersonalization is caused by stress and trauma (barring a physical cause like a major head injury). The three most common triggers for this are: Panic Attacks, Bad Drug Experiences and Accumulated Stresses. Click here to find out more.

I got DP from weed / mushrooms / acid / ketamine / ecstasy / MDMA etc. What should I do?

Firstly, don’t panic and read this. You’re ok and have done no permanent damage. Drug-induced DP is no different from DP caused by anything else. You are safe and the route to recovery is the same.

Can I view the DP Manual on iPhone / Android?

Yes, if you have an iPhone / Android smartphone or tablet you can view and listen to all of The DP Manual files on it.

The DP Manual download is a single Zip file. After downloading it, you can open it and access all the files easily as per this tutorial.

That will allow you to open and access all of the PDF, video and audio files in The DP Manual on your mobile device.

And if at any point in the future you need a fresh download link for a new device, you can contact me directly at and I will supply one immediately.

Why is The DP Manual unique?

It’s the oldest, and with over 25,000 sales worldwide, most trusted DP-specific recovery program available.

While other programms focus on broad approaches to anxiety, The DP Manual focuses specifically on depersonalization and the unique symptoms that come with it.

I have spent almost 20 years dealing with tens of thousands of people with literally every possible variation / symptom / cause of DPDR. And with each subsequent edition of the book I have updated the book accordingly. So no matter your situation, you'll find the information you need. 

My DP was caused by (trauma / drugs / antidepressants) – Will the Depersonalization Manual work for me?

Yes. While there are many possible causes for the onset of depersonalization, the condition itself is always the same, as is the route to recovery. You don’t need to worry about what caused the DP in the first place.

Is the book available in a physical version?

The DP Manual is an extensive digital ebook and audiobook package, and due to the sheer amount of material involved I don't send out physical copies of the book.

However, if a physical copy is absolutely vital, I know that some of my customers have copied it onto a USB stick and had it printed and bound, which can be done cheaply in any good print shop.

What happens if I lose the files? Or if my computer dies?

No problem. Contact me directly at and I’ll personally make sure you receive a brand new download of the entire package.

Have I done permanent damage to my brain?

No, absolutely not. You have not damaged your brain and depersonalization is 100% not permanent. It’s fundamentally a habit of thought (albeit a very scary one!) and as such can be overwritten in every case.

I’m worried that my DP is worse than yours was and your program won’t work for me.

Everybody -- quite literally, everybody who gets DPDR, or any anxiety-based condition, believes that what they have is worse than normal and they can’t be cured. That belief is so common that it’s virtually a symptom. Remember that anxiety is fundamentally based on catastrophic thinking -- so if you weren't thinking that yours is different and incurable, it wouldn't be anxiety!

I had chronic, crippling Depersonalization, 24/7 for two years -- I have heard tens of thousands of accounts of DPDR over the years but I still consider mine to be quite a bad case. And still, I recovered completely. And so can anyone. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had, how bad it is or how bad you think it is. The steps you must take to recovery are always the same and they always work.

Is the DP Manual program easy to follow?

Absolutely. I know exactly how stressful it can be to read about DPDR so I have written the DP Manual to be a simple and straightforward as possible. Other anxiety programs might tell you that you need to start an extensive journey of self-analysis and unpacking hidden traumas in order to recover. You DON’T. There is no need to overcomplicate what is a simple, step-by-step process to recovery.

Can Depersonalization lead to anything else, like schizophrenia?

No, it cannot. It’s a standalone anxiety-based condition and has absolutely nothing to do with organic brain conditions.

What does the DP Manual recovery process involve?

The DP Manual consists of three parts:

  1. The DP Manual / Audiobook / Audio Relaxation Program / FAQ

This comprehensive set of the book and supplements will explain to you exactly what DP is, why you have developed it, why it’s not permanent and what you need to do to recover. It’s all written from the point of view of a recovered sufferer who also has almost 10 years of experience of dealing with people with DP. Then once you have learned and absorbed what depersonalization is, it’s time to implement the next section:

  1. The 10 Golden Rules for Recovery:

These are the rules that you absolutely must follow in order to recover. These are non-negotiable! Stick to these and you will overwrite the thoughts that are causing DP to persist. These will be implemented using the final section:

  1. The DP Manual Recovery Progress Tracker

This will help you to monitor your progress, stay focused and give you the necessary motivation and self-reinforcement you will need to get completely out of the thought habits of DP.

How long will my recovery with the DP Manual take?

People who read the book and follow the rules carefully typically start to see positive results within the first 2-3 weeks. Because there are so many variables involved I don’t give definite times for complete recovery -- for most people it takes a few months, but I do know of people who have achieved total recovery in just a few weeks. It depends on how quickly you get started on it, how fast you absorb the information and how carefully you follow the rules.

I’ve read posts in forums from people who have had DPDR for 10 years or more! Will this happen to me??

No, this will not happen to you.

Imagine that you’ve been a smoker for a few months. If you read on a forum that somebody was a smoker for 10 years -- would you assume that that’s going to happen to you? Of course not. That person has had DPDR for so long because, inadvertently or not, they’ve been allowing it to persist for that long. I know that because for 2 years, I was that person. DPDR is a temporary, harmless condition, and you can and will recover.

And in fact, one the specific reasons that their DPDR is persisting (which I discuss here and in the book) is because they’re discussing it regularly, on forums and otherwise. The fact that you’ve come across someone in a forum who has had it for years is not a reason to panic -- in fact, it’s the opposite: It’s proof of a behaviour that doesn’t work and that you will carefully avoid in order to recover as quickly as possible. Read this for more information.

What happens when I buy the DP Manual through your website?

When you click on the purchase link, you will be directed to The DP Manual's Sellfy store where you can make the payment via your own Paypal account or any major credit card.

Once the payment is made you will immediately be able to download the entire DP Manual package. The download itself should only take a few minutes, depending on your connection speed. However, in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with the download, don’t hesitate to contact and I will personally make sure that you get the files asap.

All of the files will be in a Zipped folder, which you can extract and open on any device. All of the DP Manual Package literature is in PDF format and the audio is in high-quality MP3 format. The videos are in MP4 format. All of these formats can be opened and read / played on any portable device. The DP Manual Package is DRM-free, which means that you can have it on as many devices as you like.

Disclaimer: Please note that the medical information contained within this site, ebook, audiobook and related materials is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a professional physician and is not a recommendation of specific therapies.