Depersonalization and Memory Loss

Depersonalization and Memory Loss

DPDR sufferers regularly experience problems with their memory.  But is there REALLY a link between Derealization / Depersonalization and memory loss? ________________________ Of all the strange symptoms that accompany Depersonalization and Derealization, there is one that seems to be particularly common and extremely distressing: memory loss. I hear it from DPDR sufferers all the time: […]


Depersonalization: Existential Thoughts (And How To Stop Them!)

Depersonalization: Existential Thoughts (And How To Stop Them!) One of the most disturbing aspects of Depersonalization / Derealization is the existential thoughts that come with it. I hear about these scary, intrusive thoughts from DPDR sufferers all the time.  Here are some of the most common: Am I Dead? Am I in Purgatory? Am I […]

depersonalization forums

Depersonalization Forums – Why You MUST Avoid Them

Depersonalization forums can seem like a fantastic resource. But one of the most common questions I’ve seen in all of my years of dealing with DPDR sufferers is this: “I’ve been looking on Depersonalization forums and there are people who have had the condition for 10 / 20 / 30 years…. If that can happen […]

myths about depersonalization

The Top 5 Myths About Depersonalization + Derealization (DPDR)

The Top 5 Myths About Depersonalization + Derealization Disorder (DP/DR) There’s a LOT of confusing information out there about Depersonalization and Derealization — and in particular, some persistent myths that you tend to hear over and over, especially on forums and discussion boards. They might seem frightening, but there’s very simple explanations for all of them. […]

Depersonalization Recovery

Depersonalization Recovery In 3 Simple Steps

There tends of be a LOT of confusion out there about Depersonalization, what causes it, and if recovery is possible. So let’s clear this up once and for all: Yes, Depersonalization recovery really IS possible. And here’s why, in 3 simple steps! 1. It’s Caused By Anxiety Firstly, so much of the fear about Depersonalization […]

can depersonalization turn into schizophrenia

Can Depersonalization Turn Into Schizophrenia?

If you have Depersonalization, you’ve almost certainly been jumping to some scary conclusions about what the condition is. I know I did! So to clear things up, let’s look at a few other conditions like Schizophrenia, Cancer and Amnesia – all conditions that Depersonalization is NOT. ________________________ 1. Schizophrenia Can Depersonalization turn into Schizophrenia? No, it […]