Should You Drive With Depersonalization

Is Driving with Depersonalization Really Safe?

Is Driving with Depersonalization Safe? _____________________________ One of the most consistently stressful things for sufferers of Depersonalization / Derealization to do is drive.  Sufferers regularly report that the simple act of driving your car from one place to another can cause intense anxiety, resulting in increased depersonalization and derealization. Feelings of dissociation while driving can […]

Depersonalization is not Dangerous

PROOF that Depersonalization Is NOT Dangerous

PROOF that Depersonalization Is NOT Dangerous _____________________________ Please Note: This article is NOT a recommendation to take drugs, illegal or otherwise. If you are suffering from drug-induced Depersonalization, please do NOT take more drugs to try and alleviate the condition. This could set back your recovery and possibly trigger another DPDR episode. _____________________________ The antidepressant […]