Depersonalization is not Dangerous

PROOF that Depersonalization Is NOT Dangerous

PROOF that Depersonalization Is NOT Dangerous _____________________________ Please Note: This article is NOT a recommendation to take drugs, illegal or otherwise. If you are suffering from drug-induced Depersonalization, please do NOT take more drugs to try and alleviate the condition. This could set back your recovery and possibly trigger another DPDR episode. _____________________________ The antidepressant […]

Can Medication Cure Depersonalization

Can Medication Cure Depersonalization?

Note:  I am not a medical professional and the information in this article is presented purely as advice. I am basing this advice on 15+ years of experience, both with taking medication for Depersonalization myself and dealing with thousands of DP sufferers who have (and have not) used them. However, the decision to take or […]