Depersonalization Disorder Mental Health Nurse

Depersonalization Disorder: A Mental Health Nurse's Experience


I recently interviewed Paul Molyneux from the United Kingdom about his experience with and recovery from Depersonalization Disorder. 

Depersonalization Disorder Mental Health Nurse

Paul is a community mental health nurse working in the North West of England who has been qualified for over 13 years.

He first experienced episodes of DPDR when he was younger but these were short lived and not problematic. But when he started training to become a nurse in 2007 he experienced chronic Derealization.

This lasted for around two years and was an extremely distressing experience. Paul remembers being terrified that he’d be ‘stuck’ that way forever.

Depersonalization Disorder Mental Health Nurse

Thankfully, in 2009 Paul managed to completely recover. And since then, he's become fascinated by how the disorder manifests itself and is an advocate for the cognitive behavioural model of Depersonalization / Derealization disorder.

Paul's Depersonalization Disorder recovery story is quite unique in that he was working in the field of medical health during his experience, and since his recovery. In this interview he offers some fascinating insights into this perspective on the condition, and how the awareness in the medical field has changed over the years, due to reduced stigma, charities like Unreal, and cultural awareness in general.

Thank so much to Paul for appearing on The DP Manual Youtube channel and you can check out hundreds more DPDR recovery testimonials here!


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