Ethan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Ethan's Depersonalization Recovery Story


Last month I was delighted to get an email from 21 year old Ethan Sargent -- about his complete recovery from weed-induced Depersonalization / Derealization

Ethan's Depersonalization recovery story resonated strongly with me and I was thrilled that he agreed to have his story featured on The DP Manual YouTube Channel.

Ethan is from Bradford in Ontario, Canada. He's a big sports fan and loves geography and history!

Unfortunately, all that was put on hold when a bad weed experience triggered Depersonalization / Derealization disorder.

Ethan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Ethan tells me about the anxiety / Depersonalization symptoms that bothered him the most -- including the feeling of having a pane of glass between him and reality, and chronic tension around the forehead.

We also discuss how it was when speaking to family and friends about DPDR, hoping that they can understand while trying not to worry them too much.

And we also chat about certain types of movies (especially sci-fi and horrors!) can *really* freak you out when you're suffering from Depersonalization / Derealization...!

Ethan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Ethan then talks me through his recovery process, how it felt to finally get 100% back to normal. and how he looks back today on his experience with DPDR.

I was delighted to share Ethan's Depersonalization recovery story on the DP Manual Youtube Channel

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Shaun O Connor

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