LaToya's Depersonalization Recovery Story

LaToya's Depersonalization Recovery Story



I was delighted to interview LaToya Newton for the DP Manual YouTube channel.

You might know LaToya Newton from her fantastic podcast The Analog Girl, on which she discusses topics like wellness, mental health and often focuses particularly on issues like anxiety and DPDR.

I first spoke to LaToya Newton way back in 2018, when she contacted me after purchasing and reading my book The Depersonalization Manual. LaToya had developed chronic Depersonalization and Derealization Disorder after a bad weed experience.

LaToya's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Since then, she has thankfully recovered completely.

In this interview, we talk extensively about LaToya's experience with DPDR. She tells me all about how her experience in trying to identify the condition, her frustration with online DPDR forums.

We also talk about how your background tends to affect the fears and phobias -- LaToya's personal fears were based heavily on religion and being punished by God -- the types of existential fears so commonly encountered with DPDR.

LaToya's Depersonalization Recovery Story

LaToya and I also discuss Bo Burnham's mention of Derealization on his 'Inside' Netflix special, and how mentions like this are both normalizing the condition, and raising awareness of it around the world.

We also talk about how absolutely sure we both were that DPDR MUST have been something else, some weird physical condition, and how the symptoms we were experiencing couldn't possibly have been anxiety (which they absolutely were!)

LaToya's Depersonalization recovery story will super encouraging for anyone currently suffering with DPDR. I had such a fantastic time interviewing LaToya and I'm so happy that she has recovered completely from Depersonalization Disorder.

Check out LaToya's brand new podcast 'Runnin Late' right here.

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