Laura's DPDR Recovery Story

Laura's DPDR Recovery Story


I recently interviewed Laura Karlsson from Perth, Australia about her experience with and recovery from Depersonalization / Derealization

Laura had multiple experiences with DP and DR since she was 13 years old, which unfortunately went misdiagnosed for years.

It was only after the most recent and most intense experience with DPDR (at age 27) that she was able to finally understand and address the condition properly.

Laura's DPDR Recovery Story

Laura talks about the differences in experiencing DPDR as a teenager, and then as a new mother in her late 20s.

Racing heart, constant nausea, 2D vision, loss of appetite, sleep issues and terrible nightmares, feeling 'like a ghost' -- and non-stop panic attacks.

Laura also talks about the Existential Thoughts, questioning everything, and being terrified of films like The Matrix.

Laura's DPDR Recovery Story

Laura then tells me about her recovery process, and how the importance of the anxiety and existential thoughts starts to become less and less important in your life. And how she's now 'reborn again' and 'enjoying every day' of being a new mum!

We also discuss how the experience of having gone through an anxiety-based condition like DPDR can actually make you stronger going forward, and more empathetic to people who might be going through the same thing.

Thank so much to Laura for appearing on The DP Manual Youtube channel and you can check out hundreds more DPDR recovery testimonials here!


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Chris's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Hi there! My name's Shaun.

Back in 2005 I suddenly developed chronic Depersonalization Disorder. For almost two years my life, my career, everything went on hold. It was a living nightmare. But through much trial and error, I began to understand what was happening, and how to stop the Depersonalization symptoms, including all the terrifying thoughts and feelings. I made a TOTAL recovery, and I wrote the DP Manual to help others do exactly the same. The DP Manual Package contains everything you need to know for YOUR recovery from Depersonalization.

The DP Manual package includes 65+ mins of exclusive video, the complete DP Manual book including audio book, progress tracker, relaxation guide and much, much more. Download instantly to begin your recovery TODAY!

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