Mackenzie's Weed DPDR Recovery Story

Mackenzie's Weed DPDR Recovery Story


I recently interviewed Mackenzie Clermont (21) from New Hampshire, USA about her experience with and recovery from weed-induced Depersonalization / Derealization

Mackenzie's Weed DPDR Recovery Story

Mackenzie was relaxing and smoking a joint with her boyfriend when she suddenly had a massive panic attack. And even though she soon calmed down, she still felt a "weird, spacey feeling", like she was out of place "out of my own body". The symptoms persisted for weeks and months, with Mackenzie describing it like "maybe I'm still high", even though the weed was long out of her system. 

These symptoms will be very familiar to anyone who has experienced weed-induced Depersonalization / Derealization.

Mackenzie's Weed DPDR Recovery Story

Mackenzie tells me about how her voice sounded like it wasn't hers and she had terrible trouble focusing on conversation while at work and socializing. Not just that, but driving felt frightening too, and even listening to her favourite band (Tame Impala!) became a scary experience.

We also discuss how the intrusive thoughts of DPDR can feel particularly terrifying, and how they can become so bad that they even start to disrupt your sleep.

Fortunately, Mackenzie was eventually able to identify the condition and why it happened -- and finally take steps to start to recover. She is now thankfully 100% recovered, and back to working, socializing, and enjoying her life as normal!

Thank so much to Mackenzie for appearing on The DP Manual Youtube channel and you can check out hundreds more DPDR recovery testimonials here!


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Shaun O Connor

Hi there! My name's Shaun.

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