Monique's DPDR Recovery Story

Monique's DPDR Recovery Story



I was delighted to interview Monique Walters for the DP Manual YouTube channel.

Originally from Newcastle in NSW, Australia, Monique's experience with Depersonalization / Derealization started in the wake of multiple stressful circumstances: the death of a close friend, losing her job and the COVID lockdown in 2020.

Monique subsequently developed very intense anxiety symptoms, including persistent DPDR and up to five panic attacks per day.

Monique's DPDR Recovery Story

Monique found it difficult to obtain a diagnosis for what she was experiencing, until finding the symptoms of DPDR online.

In the interview she talks about how learning about the condition helped her to be less fearful of it, and how this started her on the road to recovery -- including getting rid of all the DPDR, panic attacks and underlying anxiety!

Monique's DPDR Recovery Story

Monique speaks beautifully about her friend who passed away, and how the experience of anxiety and DPDR has ultimately made her a stronger person -- and a great mother to her young daughter Amarah, who makes an appearance on the call!

I was so happy to feature Monique's DPDR recovery story, and I'm thrilled that The DP Manual was a part of her process in getting better.

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Shaun O Connor

Hi there! My name's Shaun.

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