Shaun O Connor

Hi! My name is Shaun.

I'm an award-winning filmmaker. And from 2005 - 2007, I lost two years of my life to Depersonalization Disorder. It hit me out of nowhere and put everything on hold. I experienced DP 24/7. I felt like I was going crazy, living in a dream. My body felt strange, and I had constant frightening thoughts. It was a terrifying experience.

But I recovered fully and got my life back on track. When I did, I wrote the DP Manual as the guide I wish I’d had when I first developed Depersonalization. A guide that would have saved me months, years of pain.

Since then, the book has helped over 10,000 people worldwide to recover from the pain of DP. And with 10+ years of experience, it's the most trusted Depersonalization recovery program available today.

The DP Manual Package is available as an INSTANT digital download and contains a massive total of over

230 Pages
65+ Mins of Video
4 & 1/2 hours of Audio

Depersonalization Manual Collection

The Depersonalization Manual contains EVERYTHING you need to know for recovery from DP.

Here are some FREE sample audio chapters:

Depersonalization Manual Audiobook

1. Dealing with Depersonalization Thoughts

2. Depersonalization: The 5-Second Rule

3. Initial Reactions to Depersonalization

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