Chris's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Chris's Depersonalization Recovery Story


I recently interviewed writer Chris Humphrey -- originally from the UK but now living in Sardinia -- about his recovery from Depersonalization / Derealization

Many aspects of Chris's Depersonalization recovery story will be familiar to anyone going through DPDR.

We had a great chat as Chris guided me through his experiences with Depersonalization / Derealization, and how he feels his tendency towards introspection may have been part of the trigger.

Chris's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Chris also discusses the visual effects of Depersonalization / Derealization, and how the world looked and felt unreal, almost as if it was at a different frame rate than normal.

We also discuss other topics like the tendency to do all the wrong things when you first develop DPDR (like drinking lots of coffee, doing endless online research etc etc)

And we also chat about the importance of exercise in the recovery process from DPDR (and all anxiety-based conditions) and Chris' plans for doing the London Marathon!

Chris's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Chris and I then discuss what it feels like to be fully recovered and how your perspective on DPDR changes completely as you get back to normal.

I was delighted to share Chris' Depersonalization recovery story on the DP Manual Youtube channel and I'm looking forward to reading his book of short stories when it's released!

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Chris's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Hi there! My name's Shaun.

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