Gina's Depersonalization Disorder Recovery Story

Gina's Depersonalization Disorder Recovery Story


I recently interviewed Gina Cerio (60) from Texas, USA about her experience with and recovery from Depersonalization Disorder. 

Gina's Depersonalization Disorder Recovery Story

Gina first experienced Depersonalization when she was younger, at the time triggered by the death of her brother. It eventually faded away, although she was shaken by the experience.

Years later, however, the condition returned and was even more intense. Gina talks about the intensity of the feelings of disconnection and "the feeling that I wasn't me anymore". She tells me about her frustration in trying to find an explanation and diagnosis for her condition.

Gina also tells me about the physical symptoms she experienced, including terrible tension and pain in her neck and shoulders.

Gina's Depersonalization Disorder Recovery Story

And we discuss the toughest part of the how experience -- the realization that your life has profoundly changed and that you can no longer do or enjoy the simple things that you used to take for granted (something I experienced myself in my own experience with DPDR).

Fortunately, Gina was eventually able to figure out what the condition was, and finally take steps to address it properly. And she has absolutely done that successfully, and has 100% recovered and gotten her life back to normal.

Gina's Depersonalization Disorder recovery story is truly inspiration, especially for older people who are dealing with the condition later in life.

Thank so much to Gina for appearing on The DP Manual Youtube channel and you can check out hundreds more DPDR recovery testimonials here!


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Shaun O Connor

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