Ryan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

NFL Star Ryan Seymour's Depersonalization Recovery Story


I was delighted to interview NFL star Ryan Seymour from Atlanta, Georgia, about his recovery from Depersonalization / Derealization

Ryan talks me through his time with the NFL, his early experiences with anxiety, and how a panic attack set off chronic DPDR for him.

Ryan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Ryan also discusses some of the biggest fears he had -- the fear of being alone, of driving his car, even taking a shower.

He talks aswell about this impact this had on his life and relationships, feeling as if he was suddenly dependent on other people again (an experience I certainly had with DPDR, when at age 25 I had to stop working and move home with my parents)

I chat with Ryan about how the feelings of DPDR and anxiety took over his life, how he sometimes used alcohol to reduce the anxiety. 

Ryan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

Ryan then talks me through his recovery process, and how his perspective on the condition changed as he learned what DPDR is, what had triggered it in the first place and why it had persisted.

He tells me what it feels like to be fully recovered and back to living a full life with his family!

Ryan's Depersonalization recovery story is inspirational, and I'm so happy that The DP Manual was an important part of his recovery process.

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Ryan's Depersonalization Recovery Story

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