Depersonalization Disorder: The Mystery Condition?

Depersonalization Disorder: The Mystery Condition? Why Isn’t Depersonalization More Widely Known? One of the most common misconceptions about Depersonalization + Derealization is that it’s some strange, mystery condition. It’s absolutely not — In fact, it’s extremely common and pretty well understood. It’s very well recognized as a transient symptom of panic attacks, and is even […]

5 Reasons You THINK You Can't Recover

Top 5 Reasons (You Think!) You CAN’T Recover From DPDR

DPDR: Top 5 Reasons (You Think!) You Can’t Recover One of the most common worries that Depersonalization / Derealization sufferers have is that they might not be able to recover. So today, I’m going to go through the 5 most common reasons people think they CAN’T recover from DPDR – and why none of them […]

weed hangover

Is Your ‘Weed Hangover’ Really Depersonalization Disorder?

Weed hangovers are super common. That feeling of your weed hangover lasting all day, or feeling still high after you’ve slept, is something that even the most experienced smokers can sometimes encounter.  But what happens when that feeling just keeps going? How long can a weed hangover last? Hours, days? Can a weed hangover last […]

Depersonalization: Three Reasons You're NOT Going Crazy

Depersonalization: Three Reasons You’re NOT Going Crazy

Depersonalization: Three Reasons You’re NOT Going Crazy ________________________ It’s the question that everyone asks themselves when they first experience Depersonalization: Am I going crazy? One of the most common symptoms of Depersonalization is having constant racing thoughts, intense self-analysis and weird existential fears. Things that are usually perfectly normal and everyday can seem bizarre.   When […]

Film about Depersonalization

My Short Film About Depersonalization Disorder

My Short Film About Depersonalization I’m a filmmaker. I’m also a photographer and writer, but filmmaking is my first love. I’ve loved film since I saw ‘Jurassic Park’ in the cinema when I was 11 years old. And I’ve been lucky enough to pursue a career in filmmaking. In fact, I was just starting this […]

Depersonalization Without Anxiety

Depersonalization Without Anxiety

Is Depersonalization Without Anxiety Possible? _____________________________ Everything we know about Depersonalization / Derealization, both scientifically and anecdotally, tells us that it’s an anxiety-based condition. Feelings of DPDR are a perfectly normal part of anxiety. But if DPDR is an anxiety-based condition, why do some people report feeling it when they’re completely calm? Is there a […]

Six Reasons LSD Causes Depersonalization

Six Reasons LSD Causes Depersonalization

Six Reasons LSD Causes Depersonalization (….and the ONE reason you can recover!) _____________________________ While weed is the drug most commonly associated with triggering Depersonalization / Derealization disorder, psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms are a close second. Relative to weed, acid is a much less commonly used drug. But I regularly hear of and from people […]

depersonalization forums

Depersonalization Forums – Why You MUST Avoid Them

Depersonalization forums can seem like a fantastic resource. But one of the most common questions I’ve seen in all of my years of dealing with DPDR sufferers is this: “I’ve been looking on Depersonalization forums and there are people who have had the condition for 10 / 20 / 30 years…. If that can happen […]

Should You Drive With Depersonalization

Is Driving with Depersonalization Really Safe?

Is Driving with Depersonalization Safe? _____________________________ One of the most consistently stressful things for sufferers of Depersonalization / Derealization to do is drive.  Sufferers regularly report that the simple act of driving your car from one place to another can cause intense anxiety, resulting in increased depersonalization and derealization. Feelings of dissociation while driving can […]

Depersonalization is not Dangerous

PROOF that Depersonalization Is NOT Dangerous

PROOF that Depersonalization Is NOT Dangerous _____________________________ Please Note: This article is NOT a recommendation to take drugs, illegal or otherwise. If you are suffering from drug-induced Depersonalization, please do NOT take more drugs to try and alleviate the condition. This could set back your recovery and possibly trigger another DPDR episode. _____________________________ The antidepressant […]

Why Does Depersonalization Affect Sleep and Dreams?

Why Does Depersonalization Affect Sleep and Dreams?

Why Does Depersonalization Affect Sleep and Dreams? _____________________________  Depersonalization IS NOT directly linked to sleep and dreams. It can cause and be worsened by sleep deprivation, but so do all anxiety conditions. Because of the feelings of  ‘dreaming but I’m awake’ and general exhaustion due to anxiety, it can feel like Depersonalization and sleep are […]

Depersonalization from Weed

Depersonalization From Weed? Top 10 Tips To Feel Better (Today!)

Depersonalization From Weed? Top 10 Tips To Feel Better (Today!) Drug-induced Depersonalization / Derealization Disorder (DPDR) is very common, and as stronger strains become more popular, Derealization and Depersonalization from weed are becoming increasingly more frequent. The most common situation is that you’ve recently had a bad experience or panic attack while on cannabis / […]

can weed cause depersonalization

Can Weed Cause Depersonalization Disorder?

Can Weed Cause Depersonalization? Yes, weed can trigger Depersonalization / Derealization Disorder. It usually happens as a result of a bad experience on weed, which can be very frightening and even traumatic. The symptoms can include feeling like you ‘still feel high’ or ‘can’t come down’, long after the effects should have worn off. You […]

Can More Drugs Cure My Depersonalization?

Can More Drugs Cure My Depersonalization?

Can More Drugs Cure My Depersonalization? _____________________________ For those of us who have developed chronic Depersonalization / Depersonalization at some point in our lives, there’s often a long, frightening phase where you’re trying to desperately find out what’s wrong with you and how to deal with it. I experienced this myself and believe me — […]

Depersonalization Recovery Tip

Depersonalization Recovery Tip

Depersonalization Recovery Tip DPDR sufferers are always asking me for advice on dealing with the condition. So today I’m going to share a great Depersonalization recovery tip. This will really help to change your perspective on DPDR, in a way that I found incredibly useful during my recovery!   So one of the most common […]

Extreme Depersonalization

Extreme Depersonalization

Lately I’ve been coming across more and more stories about people worried that they have ‘Extreme Depersonalization / Derealization’. What is Extreme Depersonalization / Derealization? It’s the idea that there is some variant of DPDR that only a few people get, that is worse than most (and possibly all) other cases, and is either extremely […]

Depersonalization Fatigue

Depersonalization: Fatigue and Muscle Pain

Let’s take a look at two of the symptoms that you don’t hear about too often when it comes to Derealization + Depersonalization: Fatigue & Muscle Pain. DPDR sufferers often tend to get caught up in the mental aspects of the condition. Which is totally understandable — the existential thoughts that often accompany it can […]


Is Depersonalization Permanent?

Is Depersonalization Permanent? No, Depersonalization is not permanent. Like other anxiety-spectrum conditions (like GAD and agoraphobia) it can persist if not addressed properly, but like those conditions it can be managed, reduced and stopped. It’s the most frightening aspect of developing a condition like DPDR — the possibility that it might last for the rest […]

Depersonalization and Memory Loss

Depersonalization and Memory Loss

DPDR sufferers regularly experience problems with their memory.  But is there REALLY a link between Derealization / Depersonalization and memory loss? ________________________ Of all the strange symptoms that accompany Depersonalization and Derealization, there is one that seems to be particularly common and extremely distressing: memory loss. I hear it from DPDR sufferers all the time: […]

myths about depersonalization

The Top 5 Myths About Depersonalization + Derealization (DPDR)

The Top 5 Myths About Depersonalization + Derealization Disorder (DP/DR) There’s a LOT of confusing information out there about Depersonalization and Derealization — and in particular, some persistent myths that you tend to hear over and over, especially on forums and discussion boards. They might seem frightening, but there’s very simple explanations for all of them. […]

Depersonalization Fears

Depersonalization Fears (+ How To Deal With Them!)

DEPERSONALIZATION FEARS (and how to deal with them!) Why do so many Depersonalization / Derealization sufferers have so many fears in common?  And why do people so often have one specific fear that can feel like the hardest to tackle? I recently received an email from a depersonalization / derealization sufferer who said that, while […]


Tinnitus and Depersonalization

People with depersonalization / derealization will sometimes describe a ‘ringing in the ears’ as one of their many symptoms.  Though I never personally experienced tinnitus and depersonalization / derealization at the same time, I know that they can exacerbate each other. And years later, after a brush with temporary tinnitus, I became aware of the […]

Anxiety and Depersonalization

Anxiety and Depersonalization – What’s the Difference?

One of the greatest and most consistent misunderstandings about depersonalization is how it relates to anxiety. I hear it all the time from people who get in contact with me regarding the condition, and I remember encountering it regularly in forums aswell: People almost always think that anxiety and Depersonalization / Derealization are separate conditions.

Does Depersonalization Come BackDoes Depersonalization Come Back

Does Depersonalization Come Back After Recovery?

Does Depersonalization Come Back After Recovery? When you recover from Depersonalization, how likely is it to return? One of the most frightening prospects for anyone suffering from Depersonalization is that it might be permanent. Thankfully, that’s not the case! But even for people who have made a full recovery, isn’t the prospect of Depersonalization coming […]

Can Alcohol Cause Depersonalization?

Can Alcohol Cause Depersonalization?

Can Alcohol Cause Depersonalization? _____________________________ We already know that there is a direct link between drug use and Depersonalization — but what’s mentioned less is the possible link between Depersonalization and alcohol. DP sufferers often report feeling more Depersonalization after drinking. So can alcohol cause Depersonalization? Can it make it worse? Can it make it […]

depersonalization vs derealization

Depersonalization VS Derealization: What’s the Difference?

One of the most common questions people have about DP is: What’s the difference between Depersonalization vs Derealization? Are they totally different symptoms? Can they happen separately from one another? And do they have to be treated separately too? First, let’s look at both symptoms: 1. Depersonalization is a feeling of disconnection from yourself. You […]

Can You Get Back To Normal After Depersonalization?

Depersonalization and Derealization tend to have lots of scary thoughts and fears associated with them. But one of the most frightening prospects of all is that the condition has somehow changed you fundamentally, and irreparably, as a person. You might worry that: You’ve flicked a switch in your brain You’ve opened a door you can’t […]

How Long Does Depersonalization Last?

How Long Does Depersonalization Last? _____________________________ For anyone who develops the condition, one of the biggest questions they always have is: How long does Depersonalization last? In fact, one of the scariest parts of developing DP is not just the feelings themselves, but the worry that they might never stop. That they’ll just keep going […]

Depersonalization-The Questions ARE The Condition

Depersonalization – The Questions ARE The Condition

Depersonalization – The Questions ARE The Condition _____________________________ During my recovery from depersonalization, one of the single most important rules I discovered was this: In order to recover from DP, you absolutely MUST stop researching it. But sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds…

Depersonalization During Coronavirus

Depersonalization During Coronavirus: 10 Simple Tips To Get Through It

Depersonalization During Coronavirus – 10 Simple Tips To Get Through It It’s a stressful time for pretty much everyone on the planet. The news is filled with frightening stories about Coronavirus infection and death rates. We’re all concerned for our health and the health of our friends and loved ones. And what’s the best thing […]

What Causes Depersonalization

What Causes Depersonalization Disorder?

What Causes Depersonalization Disorder? – The 3 Most Common Triggers _____________________________ What causes Depersonalization Disorder? In almost all cases, Depersonalization is caused by stress and trauma (barring a physical cause like a major head injury). The three most common triggers for this are:  1. Panic Attacks 2. Bad Drug Experiences 3. Accumulated Stresses  So why […]

Depersonalization Recovery

Depersonalization Recovery In 3 Simple Steps

There tends of be a LOT of confusion out there about Depersonalization, what causes it, and if recovery is possible. So let’s clear this up once and for all: Yes, Depersonalization recovery really IS possible. And here’s why, in 3 simple steps! 1. It’s Caused By Anxiety Firstly, so much of the fear about Depersonalization […]

Can Medication Cure Depersonalization

Can Medication Cure Depersonalization?

Note:  I am not a medical professional and the information in this article is presented purely as advice. I am basing this advice on 15+ years of experience, both with taking medication for Depersonalization myself and dealing with thousands of DP sufferers who have (and have not) used them. However, the decision to take or […]

Does Depersonalization Affect Vision

Why Does Depersonalization Cause Vision Problems?

Why Does Depersonalization Cause Vision Problems? ________________________ It’s one of the most commonly reported symptoms of Depersonalization. I experienced it myself and I hear it from sufferers all the time: My eyesight is is ‘off’ I have blurry vision My vision is foggy / distorted I can see visual snow / floaters Static / Fuzzy […]

Depersonalization WILL NOT give you Multiple Personality Disorder

Depersonalization WILL NOT give you Multiple Personality Disorder

Depersonalization WILL NOT give you Multiple Personality Disorder_____________________________ For people who suffer with Depersonalization, the fear of developing Multiple Personality Disorder  (now more commonly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID) is incredibly common.

can depersonalization turn into schizophrenia

Can Depersonalization Turn Into Schizophrenia?

If you have Depersonalization, you’ve almost certainly been jumping to some scary conclusions about what the condition is. I know I did! So to clear things up, let’s look at a few other conditions like Schizophrenia, Cancer and Amnesia – all conditions that Depersonalization is NOT. ________________________ 1. Schizophrenia Can Depersonalization turn into Schizophrenia? No, it […]

Grampa Simpson and Depersonalization

Grampa Simpson and Depersonalization

There’s an absolutely brilliant scene in the Simpsons episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” where Grandpa Simpson is demanding medical attention. He’s only happy when gets seen to by the inimitable Dr. Nick who diagnoses him with “Bonus Eruptus” — “a terrible condition where the skeleton tries to leap out of the mouth and escape the body”. Delighted, […]

depersonalization recovery_2

Depersonalization article in Elle Magazine

I recently came across this article in Elle magazine on Depersonalization Disorder.Although the article had originally appeared in 2007, it has lately been doing the rounds on DP forums and Twitter accounts.Mainly it seems to be about Sandy Gale and her terrible experience with the condition; she hasn’t worked in ten years despite having been […]

Depersonalization: Why Do You Charge for the DP Manual?

Depersonalization: Why Do You Charge for the DP Manual?

Sometimes if I happen across a mention of my book online it can be in a forum where someone says something like: “I don’t get it. If this guy really has found the way out of depersonalization, why on earth would he charge money for it? You can’t put a price on good health.” Often, […]